Firearms Training



Take your training to the next level. It doesn’t matter if you are a novice or an expert. The instructors at F&J Firearms Training will take your skill further and make you handle your firearm better than ever before. Emphasis will be on the firearms presentation from the holster, reloads, and malfunction clearances. These are the hard skills you are going to need to train if you are going to be effective when faced with that life changing decision!



We provide competency training in the following:

  • Private, Business & Tactical
  • Firearm Control Act
  • Handgun
  • Shotgun
  • Rifle
  • Carbine
  • Muzzle loaders
  • Regulation 21 Compliance
  • Range Officer & Tactical Range Officer
  • Law Enforcement Training

Assisting with firearm competency and licensing applications
(SAPS Forms, Copies, Certifications, Motivation)

Full day courses are from 09h00 to 15h00.

COST: R550.00 per course


Handgun Course


• Clothing and carrying of firearms
 • Stance, cover and concealment
 • Draw, Grip, Aim, Mag changes, holstering
 • Movement

Shotgun Course


 • Clothing and carrying of shotgun
 • Stance, cover and concealment
 • Retrieve, Grip, Aim, Reloads
 • Movement

Carbine Course


 • Proper set up of the AR Platform
 • Marksmanship Fundamentals
 • Expedient Shooting Positions
 • Dynamic Multiple Target Drills
 • Speed and Retention Reloads
 • Shooting on the Move
 • Secondary Transitions
 • Basic Tactics